Please note below are 2019 tasks – 2020 are TBC

Entry Requirements

  • Competitors must have the skills level required to complete the following tasks within the competition to a professional level and aligned with a Level 3 qualification.
  • Competitors do not have to be currently working towards a Level 3 qualification.
  • Registration deadline is TBC 2020

Competition Outline

Competitors will have 4½ hours overall to complete all tasks:

Task one: Competitors will prepare, design and cook 2 portions of each dish using the following ingredients; Beef based consommé with a garnish of your choice. Belly pork (boned), stuffed, rolled and hand tied (no elastic bands), with garnish, stuffing and sauce of your choice. Lemon based dessert of your choice.

Task two: Competitors will be given a Mystery Box to create an amousé bouché, 2 portions of each, of their own choice using only the ingredients that will be given to them on the day of the competition.



Opens on TBC 2020

You can register online via: TBC 2020

For more details contact Emma Parkinson: emma.parkinson@cambriantraining.com


Competition Brief 

Download 2019’s brief here: Culinary Arts Brief