Our Energy Management apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to succeed in this important emerging industry.

This is an opportunity for all businesses across Wales to upskill staff in order to gain invaluable skills and knowledge within sustainability and meet targets set by the governments plan of ‘NET ZERO by 2050’.

The UK is set to be one of the most competitive marketplaces for energy management skills over the next 5 to 7 years.

Learning through apprenticeships can help staff develop practical skills paired with theoretical knowledge that is essential to develop a successful career in the industry.

Opportunities for an apprenticeship are available to both new entrants and existing employees.

Typical job roles for this Level 3 Energy Management apprenticeship are as follows:

  • Junior Energy Manager
  • Energy Analysts
  • Facilities Managers
  • Finance teams involved in Energy budgets
  • Lifecycle/Maintenance Engineers
  • New Energy Manager
  • ‘Up-skilling’ Energy Specialists
  • Energy/Net Zero/Carbon Champion
  • Building Energy Supervisor

The role is essential in supporting organisations to meet energy and cost reduction objectives and targets within the context of wider sustainability commitments such as carbon and water management and corporate social responsibility.

The apprentice will be working with a range of individuals, such as customers and suppliers, to access, analyse and understand the organisations energy and water usage. This will also include reviewing the supply chain requirements and how waste is managed. The apprentice will be able to recognise opportunities to save money and understand the key challenges associated with transport efficiencies and emissions. The apprentice will recognise opportunities to save money and reduce carbon emissions and how this relates to the organisation’s energy management strategy, regulatory and legal compliance and reporting status.

Completing this apprenticeship programme will enable progression into roles such as Energy Manager, Senior Energy Manager, Chartered Energy Manager, or specialised as Energy Procurement Manager, Energy Efficiency Manager, Facilities Managers with Energy Management focus etc. across a wide range of sectors.

Training and Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in Energy Management are delivered in a range of ways with a combination of on and off the job training and learning.

It aims to give individuals the opportunity to learn in a more flexible way and enables a wider range of organisations and employers to have their employees training recognised.

The Qualification Credit Framework provides a simple framework that presents learner achievement and qualifications in a way that is easy to understand, measure and compare.

All our qualifications are accredited by relevant awarding bodies.

Apprenticeship qualifications available in Wales:

  • Level 3 Energy Management | Factsheet coming soon . . .

Our experienced Training Officers support learners to choose the appropriate course to develop their skills and knowledge within their role. All of our qualifications are delivered in the workplace and can be tailored to the learners and business needs.

Employers We Work With
We have established excellent working relationships with employers across Wales.

95% of employers we work with would recommend us to other businesses. 

We continue to network with a range of employers to support them in the delivery of apprenticeships as part of their training and development programme.

But don’t just take our word for it, read real stories about the employers we work with.

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Funding Available
The Welsh Government funds the apprenticeship training costs, with the support from the European Social Fund, leaving you to pay only for their wage. Find out more.

Want to learn in Welsh? We can deliver all apprenticeship programmes bilingually or in Welsh.


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