Employability Skills

The Employability Skills Programme is funded by the Welsh Government and offers training for those people aged 18 and over who are finding difficulty getting a start or back into the job market. You, the employer, can make a valuable contribution to their future by playing a part in developing an active community, by taking part in the work placement element.

How does it work?

We work alongside the local job centres, where the workcoaches refer those eligible i.e. those receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) or Universal Credits (UC).

Once on programme, candidates will undergo an induction & initial training to prepare them for the workplace and to provide the employability skills required. We then approach employers, like yourself, who may be able to offer a work placement where they can gain valuable work experience, new skills and a real awareness of the needs and expectation of the workplace.

Work Placement

Work placement is an integral part of the Employability Programme as it offers unemployed people the chance to gain first hand experience in the workplace for up to 26 weeks. We expect our candidates to fit in with your working week and be there during normal working hours (Monday to Friday, contributing between 16 to 30 hours). While there are some activities (using machinery and aspects that require special training or are hazardous) that they cannot do we expect them to take a full part in your working environment.

What do you the Employer need?

You will need current Employers Liability insurance and Health & Safety procedures. Our Health & Safety Officer will discuss this with you confidentially and free of charge. We will work closely with you throughout and meet regularly to discuss and review progress.

Will it cost anything?

No monetary costs, just your time and patience:

  • Candidates will continue to receive their unemployment benefit (JSA or UC)
  • Cambrian Training will pay any travel expenses incurred to get to and from your place of work
  • Cambrian Training will carry out a Health & Safety check of the work placement
  • Cambrian Training will provide a full and comprehensive mentoring programme, throughout the time on work placement

Does it mean you have to give them a job?

Although this would be fantastic, we are realistic in knowing that this may not be possible. However, you get the benefit of having an additional person to work with you, and they gain a taste of what it is like to be in a workplace.

We are hopeful the arrangement works so well that employers do want to retain them in employment. In doing so, you could save time and recruitment costs, as you have already started to train and develop the candidates.

Contact Us

For further information, please contact Cambrian Training on 01938 555893 or you can email Heather Parry, Head of Employability Skills; heatherp@cambriantraining.com.