Anne Jones
Director of Quality & Skills
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Arwyn Watkins OBE
Managing Director
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Elen Rees
Director of Finance & Administration
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Faith O'Brien
Chief Operating Officer
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Sarah Wilde
PA to Managing Director
My children. Rugby. Holidays.



Alex Hogg
Head of Business Unit for Information Technology and MI Analyst
Running (beating Katy's Strava miles). Playing Pool. Hiking & Walking.
Amy Edwards
Head of Business Unit Business Admin/Sustainable Resource Management & Energy
Pancakes. Adventures. Books.
Beverley Jones
Head of Business Unit for Administration Manager
Cake. Reading. Walking on the Beach.
Ceri Morgan
Head of Business Unit for Contracts Coordinator
Gin. Baking. Socialising with Family & Friends.
Chris Bason
Head of Business Unit for Hospitality
Cinema (Sci-Fi). Football & Rugby. Motorbikes.
Chris Jones
Head of Business Unit for Food & Drink
Food Industry & Competitions. Family. Rugby & Motorsport.
Donna Heath
Business Support Manager
Running. Good food. Visiting new places.
Heather Parry
Head of Employability Skills
Family. Quiz. Game of Thrones.
Katy Godsell
Marketing Manager
Running (keeping up with Alex's Strava miles). Design. My dogs.
Rosemary James
Head of Business for Essential Skills Manager
Family. Walking. Holidays.
Shirley Succamore-Jones
Health & Safety Manager
Bubbles. Holidays. Shopping.
Stephen Bound
General Manager
Family. Travel & Holidays. Watching Football.

Data Team


Grace Rutter
Facilities Administrative Assistant
Friends. Family. Drinks.
Hayley Tanner
Quality Assurance Officer
Family, Running, Puppies.
Hazel Holloway
Claims Officer
Chocolate. Clothes Shopping. Bellringing.
Hollie Bumford
Quality Assurance Officer
Socialising. Online Shopping. My dog.
Jack Brets
Data Governance and Compliance Apprentice
Hiking. Family. Reading.
Kirsty Broomfield
Quality Assurance Officer
Horse riding. Shopping. Family.
Leanne Lloyd
Quality Assurance Officer
Hockey. Friends & Family. My Hot Waterbottle.
Louise Haynes
Audit Officer
Family. Cake Decorating. Disney.
Lucy Lewis
Qualifications Officer
Family. Gin. Eating Out.
Rhian Evans
Digital Support Officer
Food & Wine. Family. History.
Sheila Thomas
Claims Officer
Exotic Holidays. Food & Drink. Walking.

Marketing & Events


Katie George
Marketing Officer
Superhero Movies. Gin. My pomapoo, Freddy.
Ceri Nicholls
Marketing & Events Officer
Family. Friends. Dogs. Travelling
Andrew Thompson
Business Engagement Officer
Pottery. Walking. Gardening.
Emyr Jones
Business Engagement Officer
Family. Friends. Fishing.
Debbie Roberts
Business Engagement Officer
Music. Fitness. Tom Hardy.

Finance, Contracts, IT & Staff Development


Cai Watkins
Apprentice Contract Administrator
Sports. Family. Cars.
Catherine Watkin
Finance Assistant
Tennis. Acting. Gin.
Haydn Lloyd
Apprentice: Information Technology and MI Analyst
Loz Gaskin
Staff Development & Online Resource Officer
My Family. My Dog. Living in the countryside.

Apprenticeship Delivery – Hospitality


Aled Powell
Training Officer
Cardiff Blues. Music. Spanish food.
Chris Price
Training Officer
Gaming. Games of Thrones (Valar Morghulis). Cooking.
Craig Bennett
Training Officer
Travel. Tennis. Pugs.
Lisa Jagger
Training Officer
Rivers. Oceans. Mountains.
Melanie Canning
Training Officer
Cooking. Family. Walking my Cocker Spaniel.
Nora Jones
Training Officer
Walking. Gardening. Family.
Sam Mantache
Training Officer
Sports. Family. Walking.
Tim John
Training Officer
Gardening. BBQ. Socialising.
William Richards
Training Officer
Rugby. Tennis. Surfing.

Apprenticeship Delivery – Food Manufacture


Amanda Gittins
Training Officer
Family. Friends. Snowmen/Christmas.
Frank Selby
Training Officer
Fishing. Scuba Diving. Socialising.
Mark Llewellyn
Training Officer
Rocks. Rangers. Rams.
Neil Harris
Training Officer
Traveling. Liverpool FC. Gin.

Apprenticeship Delivery – Business Administration, Team Leading & Management


Graeme Edwards
Training Officer
Motorbikes. Rugby. Squash.
Jane Gammon
Training Officer
Pina Coladas. Getting caught in the rain. Not into Yoga.
Sarah Jones
Training Officer
Holidays. Vodka. Cakes.
Sue Packer
Training Officer
Reading. Relaxing. Gardening.

Apprenticeship Delivery – Sustainable Resource Management


Beverley Treadwell
Training Officer
Films. Books. Music.
Jay Syrett-Judd
Training Officer
Growing Fruit & Veg. Walking. Music.

Apprenticeship Delivery – Essential Skills


Claire Morris
Essential Skills Tutor
Parties. Food. Walking & Scenery.
Iwan Ellis
Essential Skills Tutor
Sport. Holidays. Socialising.
Sharon Roberts
Essential Skills Tutor
Motorcycling. Shopping. Shoes.
Sue Roberts
Essential Skills Tutor
Frisbee with my dogs, Languages, Growing fruit & veg
Tracey Dawson
Essential Skills Tutor
Running. Mountain Biking. Adventure.

Employability Skills Delivery


Dan Bryce
Employability Skills Tutor
Football. Walking my dogs. Travelling.
Hannah Gover
Employability Skills Tutor
Family. Cooking. Netball.
Russell Colman
Employability Skills Tutor
Woodwork. Beekeeping. Llamas.