Apprenticeship Week: at Bryson Recycling

Apprentice Manager, Tracey Gilliam:

What key skills did you learn on your apprenticeship?

Key skills I learnt included improving own learning and performance and problem solving. The three key skills, Application of Number, Communication and IT.

Would you recommend an Apprenticeship? If so, why?

I would recommend apprenticeships to people who want to learn new skills and want to give themselves an education boost. I have learnt a lot of information, I have backed up information I already knew.

From Bryson Recyling:

Why did you decide to engage in apprenticeships?

We decided it was an excellent opportunity for staff to learn new skills and realise how much knowledge they already knew. They love getting qualifications and it gives staff a good confidence boost.

How do you think getting involved with the apprenticeship programme has influenced your staff? e.g. productivity levels, motivation, knowledge.

Knowledge has improved and it has given some staff a better sense of self worth. They share knowledge and help each other with information they did not previously know.

Do you think apprenticeships have contributed to your success as a business? If so, why?

Staff do have a better sense of learning and a better knowledge.

Would you recommend the Apprenticeship programme to other businesses? If so, why?

Yes I would recommend apprenticeships to other businesses. As stated it gives staff a moral boost and a sense of self worth. Some staff have improved greatly on maths and English skills.