Why enter Skills Competitions?

Why enter Skills Competitions?

  1. Boosts your confidence and performance at work, college, school or university

Not only does competing improve your personal confidence, it improves your confidence to execute your skill well, and motivates you to try harder to be as good as you can be. You may also have the opportunity to meet world-class experts in your field, to help you improve.

  1. A chance to showcase your talent to prospective Employers

WorldSkills give you an opportunity like no other – the chance to show case your ability to prospective Employers.

  1. Develop a stronger CV

Showing that you have taken your skill to a competition shows a level of confidence and capability in what you do!

  1. Opens up endless opportunities

From attracting future Employers, to travelling the world to compete – you never know where your skill may take you.

  1. Travel the world

If you progress through National heats, you could get the opportunity to travel around the globe for training & to compete in a final (which is in a different country each year!).

  1. Represent your Country

You have the chance to be an ambassador for your country on a global stage.

Did you know?

95% of past WorldSkills UK entrants believed that taking part in the competitions, at any level, improved their technical and employability skills, with 93% stating that taking part enabled them to develop a stronger CV (https://www.worldskillsuk.org/).

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