Important message to all our Apprentices, Jobs Growth Wales, Employability Individuals & Employers.

Although our teams have been speaking with many of you individually during the current uncertainty, as the Managing Director of Cambrian Training Company, I wanted to give you all a more general update and some comfort at this challenging time, we face together.

Firstly, I can confirm that we remain open for business and have plans in place for a number of scenarios to ensure this continues. I will expand on these later in this message.

Secondly, the wellbeing of our employees, apprentices, individuals and employers is at the forefront of our plans and as such, we can confirm the following: 

  • All our high-risk employees have been self-isolated and will operate remotely so they can still provide you with our services and support their teams.
  • We have now closed our offices and limited social interaction in person with any individuals to minimise the risk & spread of infection.
  • All of our phone lines will still be operational and have being redirected to our Business Unit Leads, who will be able to help and support you with any enquiries.
  • In line with government guidelines, any of our employees showing any symptoms are required to self-isolate, immediately with their families.
  • All employees and internal meetings are continuing however, these are being conducted virtually to avoid unnecessary social interaction. We will be utilising; Conference calls, Google Hangout and Learning Assistant for us to maintain our service and support to you at this time.
  • All non-essential travel has been cancelled across the business.
  How else can we assist you at this difficult time?
  • Many of our teams use technology to share information with you, which will continue and ensures continuity at this time. For those of you who use manual or paper records for your learning, I would ask you to please engage  with my team on this, so that they can continue to support you with sharing these digitally where possible.
  • Our delivery and support teams have also been briefed and are ready to meet your objectives and priorities during this time, which we recognise, may be different from business as usual.
How are we ensuring the continuity of our service & support?
  • As mentioned earlier, we have contingency plans in place for a number of scenarios that take us through the short, medium-term and into 2021, if necessary.
  • Should a complete lock-down occur, we have executed a plan to utilise technology that ensures business as usual.
  • We have a dedicated COVID-19 team that are working hard to ensure, we can continue to support you as the situation changes and we are committed to publishing a weekly COVID-19 update every Wednesday to keep you informed.
  • We operate in a paperless/digital environment and so all apprentices, individuals and employers’ records and transactional documents are held electronically. These can be accessed securely which supports our plans.
  • We’ve increased the channels of internal communication, including daily virtual meetings. As always, however, we prioritise communication with you. With that in mind, we have an ongoing Communications Plan in place post this message to keep you fully updated. Also, if you have any specific communication needs, please let us know.
Finally, on behalf of the whole team at Cambrian Training Company, may I take this
opportunity to wish you and your family all the best of health and thank you for
continuing to place your trust in us.Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the team for help and assistance during this time of uncertainty.