Looking after your Mental Health: Covid-19

The uncertainty and uneasiness that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought can have a substantial affect on your Mental Health. Here are some ways you can try and maintain a sense of control, and ease that anxiety:

  1. Don’t get lost in the News – Switching the news on, and listening to endless media coverage is easily done during times like this, however this sort of activity can intensify feelings of worry and distress. Take a break from the constant exposure to News, Search Engines and Social media.
  2. Don’t forget about self-care – The uncertainty of the outside world at the moment can bring a lot of feelings of unease for you. Focus on things you can control (e.g. washing your hands, only going out if it is essential), rather than things you cannot stop (e.g. curing the virus).
  3. Reach out and continue to support others – Although you may not be able to see them, it’s so important you keep in touch with your network… and luckily, there are so many ways to do that these days e.g. Telephone, Video Calling, Social Media, Text etc. Talking through your concerns and feelings may help you find ways of dealing with challenges. Helping other people during their time of need can mentally benefit the person receiving support as well as the helper.
  4. Focus on the positive things – Take this extra time at home to do things you’ve never got around to… paint that spare bedroom, do a home workout, or maybe even learn a new skill? We have plenty of recipes on our blog so you can brush up on your culinary skills: https://cambriantraining.com/wp/en/news/
  5. Ask for professional help – If all of this does not help, consider reaching out to a professional for support. Here is a list of Mental Health Helplines: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mental-health-helplines/

Source: https://www.mhe-sme.org/covid-19/