Top tips for filling out a job applications

Have you found the ultimate job vacancy but need some help with your application?

Here are few top tips on how to write an application that gets you that all-important interview!

  1. Read the instructions thoroughly

This is a basic, but vital instruction.

Making mistakes at this stage may lead the Employer to think you are rushing the application, and therefore are not passionate about the role.

  1. Keep it relevant

Make sure you have thoroughly read the job description so you can respond so that the perfect reading can see exactly how your skills & experience match what is required from the perfect candidate.

  1. Sell yourself & give as much detail as possible

Consider your previous employment, extra work experience, education, relevant skills, hobbies and volunteering.

It is important to give as much information as you can, as this is the Employers first impression of you. But remember, keep it relevant!

  1. Be honest

If you are caught being dishonest, this may lead to more serious consequences.

Additionally, giving examples from your real-life will set you up for a much more relaxed interview.

  1. If you can, include a Cover Letter

Any extra opportunity to display your passion for the role and emphasise your enthusiasm for the organisation, should be taken.

It also gives you an opportunity to explain career breaks so your CV is not discounted out of hand.

  1. Spelling & Grammar

Make sure you check that there are no spelling mistakes or typing errors.

Checking this shows that you have a good attention to detail and you have taken your time to complete the application.

  1. Check, check & check again

Being accurate is so important in a job application – double check everything… names, dates, etc.


Seeing as you have put so much effort into the application be sure to save a copy! It will come in handy if you need to apply for other jobs.


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