Top 10 interview tips to help you get hired

No matter how many job interviews you attend, the process never gets easier! Here are some top tips by our Employability Officer, Russ, to help you nail your next interview, and display your best self.

1. Arrive early, but not too early, and make sure you know where you’re going.

2. Appear professional. Empty your pockets, consider tying up your hair or removing jewellery if you are going to be tempted to fiddle nervously with it.

3. Take your CV. Print out a few neat copies of your CV in case the interviewers want one. Extra tip would be to bring it in a stiff folder so you can hold it on your lap to keep your hands busy and prevent fiddling.

4. Smile. Smiling allows you to feel more confident and helps you, and your interviewers, to relax.

5. Do not be afraid to ask for clarity if you do not know what the interviewer is asking.

6. Do not rush your answers. Take a (short) breath before answering a question. This breath will give you a second to focus, and makes the interviewer think you are really considering your answer.

7. Ask questions. Always have a question or two to ask at the end. Asking about promotion schemes for diligent staff makes a better impression than asking about pay or staff sickness policy.

8. Research. Do not simply rely on reading the company’s “About Us” web page. Make an effort to find out about the wider industry and drop some relevant facts into your answers.

9. Remember that most interviewers are not specially trained; they are often just as nervous as you are! If you are friendly and make them feel relaxed, they will like it.

10. Win or lose, always ask for feedback and pay attention to it.