The Welsh language for an apprentice and as a skill in the Workplace

As an apprentice training in Wales, the opportunities to do so through the medium of Welsh has never been better.

The City and Guilds platfrom we use at CTC for our learners portfolios now has a translation tool which enables you to see your course work in any language of your choice and I use this with my learners who have chosen to do their work in Welsh. The new embedded feature for answering the knowledge questions directly onto the portfolio can also be done using the translation tool.

Two of my learners Catrin Howells and Iestyn Morgan are producing their course work in Welsh. They both work at the Harboumaster, a fine example of a Hospitality Organisation who put the Welsh language at the forefront of their business.

Being able to speak Welsh is a skill that many do not appreciate. It can provide opportunities for work in Wales where the language is important and integral to many businesses. It is a language which is alive and exciting, and as a Training Officer I encourage even my non-Welsh speakers to try and learn some basic Welsh greetings especially when they work within the Hospitality Sector.

Caroline Colman, Head Housekeeper at the Metropole Hotel is a prime example of a learner who has embraced this challenge and is now able to speak to me in Welsh as a result of embarking on the Learn how to say something in Welsh online course:


Did you consider what the advantages of Learning in Welsh are to you as a Learner, or even the advantages of being able to speak Welsh would be for you in the workplace? Here are some people sharing their views on this:


It is the Welsh Governments aim to get a million Welsh speakers in Wales by 2050, and I for one am very optimistic about this. A Wales proud of its language and culture:

So here is my challenge to all of our learners at CTC – Join us in supporting the Welsh Government’s Welsh Language Strategy and lets show visitors to Wales a real Welsh Welcome.

Written by our Hospitality Training Officer, Hazel Thomas.

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