Author: Katie George

The Falcondale Hotel Why did you decide to engage in apprenticeships? We decided to engage with apprenticeships as we feel that apprenticeships are ideal for businesses like us in the hospitality industry, so our employees can gain a nationally recognised vocational qualification and apply their new skills and knowledge to their job role. How do… Read more »

Eighteen employers and learners who have excelled in apprenticeship, skills and employment training programmes delivered by one of Wales’ top work-based learning providers have been shortlisted for awards. Cambrian Training, which has offices in Welshpool, Holyhead, Colwyn Bay and Llanelli and Builth Wells, will present its annual Apprenticeship, Employment and Skills Awards at the International Pavilion on the Royal… Read more »

Bronglais Hospital Why did you decide to engage in apprenticeships? The learning partnership between the hospital and Cambrian Training began 15 years ago with staff aged between 17 and their 60s, and it was the intention that every member of staff that either worked in the kitchens, cleaning or porters gained a national qualification while… Read more »

Apprentice Syrup Room Manager, Paul Whiffen Did you always dream of becoming a Apprentice Syrup Room Manager? If so, why? I have always wanted to be a syrup room manager because being a mixer has always been an enjoyable job for me but I also wanted to further my career so to be able to… Read more »

Apprentice Manager, Tracey Gilliam: What key skills did you learn on your apprenticeship? Key skills I learnt included improving own learning and performance and problem solving. The three key skills, Application of Number, Communication and IT. Would you recommend an Apprenticeship? If so, why? I would recommend apprenticeships to people who want to learn new… Read more »

The Celtic Manor Resort… Why did you decide to engage in apprenticeships? Within the hospitality industry there is a shortage of highly skilled people. The apprenticeship programme allows us to train our staff to ensure they are performing to the standards that are required within our business, being a 5 star Resort this is vital… Read more »

By Nick Davies, Craft Trainer, Cambrian Training Game Season is the best time of year to try something a little bit different. You’ve probably enjoyed game’s rich, meaty flavour and delicate texture in restaurants, but have you tried recreating these dishes at home? Why not try this delicious game winter warm salad, this season with family… Read more »

Apprenticeships are a great way to kick-start your career or gain some new skills in your existing role…however; here are a few common misconceptions that we need to straighten out. Apprenticeships are only in manual industries There are now apprenticeships available in over 170 industries…that equals to over 1,500 occupations! So, from hospitality and engineering,… Read more »

A leading work-based learning company, which delivers apprenticeships across Wales, has begun the new decade and its 25 th year of delivering skills with a glowing inspection report. Cambrian Training, which has offices in Welshpool, Llanelli, Builth Wells, Holyhead and Colwyn Bay, received ‘Good’ judgements across all inspection areas from Estyn, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for… Read more »

  1. Limit your personal information. – Be careful what you post, as you could be revealing important personal details about yourself, which could be misused by scammers. 2. Check your privacy settings regularly as potential Employers or Customers don’t need to know your personal relationship status or home address! Remember… you can never be… Read more »