Author: Katie George

  Before we go into it… what is your Digital Footprint? To put it simply, it’s a record or trail left of things that you have done online, including your social media activity, online shopping, and website browsing. It is pretty much anything with your name attached to it. From super sophisticated phishing emails, to… Read more »

Makes 1 Loaf Ingredients 250g Strong bread flour 1 tsp salt 1 sachet dried yeast approx. 7g 4 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 200ml Water 25g fine sea salt 1 sprig rosemary 25g chopped wild garlic 50g chopped red onion Method 1. Place the flour, tsp salt, yeast, one tbsp. olive oil into a large… Read more »

The uncertainty and uneasiness that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought can have a substantial affect on your Mental Health. Here are some ways you can try and maintain a sense of control, and ease that anxiety: Don’t get lost in the News – Switching the news on, and listening to endless media coverage is easily… Read more »

Although our teams have been speaking with many of you individually during the current uncertainty, as the Managing Director of Cambrian Training Company, I wanted to give you all a more general update and some comfort at this challenging time, we face together. Firstly, I can confirm that we remain open for business and have… Read more »

Employers and learners who have excelled in apprenticeship, skills and employment training programmes delivered by one of Wales’ top work-based learning providers celebrated success at an annual awards ceremony. Cambrian Training presented its annual Apprenticeship, Employment and Skills Awards at the International Pavilion on the Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd. To be nominated for the awards,… Read more »

Why enter Skills Competitions? Boosts your confidence and performance at work, college, school or university Not only does competing improve your personal confidence, it improves your confidence to execute your skill well, and motivates you to try harder to be as good as you can be. You may also have the opportunity to meet world-class… Read more »

Ambitious Irish teenager Codie-Jo Carr has her sights set on developing a rewarding career in butchery and opening her own shop and restaurant in the future. The 18-year-old from Keady, County Armagh, Northern Ireland is just setting out on her career but is already impressing people in the butchery industry with her skills and determination.… Read more »

Serves 4 people Ingredients 50g Plain flour 50g Welsh butter 250ml Welsh beer 250g Mature Welsh cheddar 10g Welsh mustard 30ml Worcestershire sauce 100g finely sliced leeks 4 Large slices thick cut granary bread Method 1. Sweat off the leeks in a small pan with butter allow to cool slightly. 2. In a small pan… Read more »

With applications opening for the WorldSkills UK Butchery Competition opening 2nd March, Welsh butcher, Liam Lewis looks back at his silver medal placement at the 2019 final. Liam, 31, who lives in Winsford and works for The Hollies Farm Shop in Little Budworth, near Tarporley, was up against five other butchers from Wales, England and… Read more »

How to spatchcock a Chicken by Chris Jones, our Head of Food & Drink Apprenticeships A spatchcocked chicken cooks faster and more evenly. The increased surface area is able conduct heat much faster than that of a whole bird. Spatchcocking also exposes more of the skin to the heat which results in more crisp skin.… Read more »