This competition will test your overall skill, innovation, creativity, presentation, work ethic, method, approach to tasks, carcass & primal utilisation, waste and safe and hygienic working practice.

The National qualifiers for this competition will take place remotely and the final competition will consist of five tasks that will be carried out and judged over two days in front of a live audience.

The competition is organised by Cambrian Training Company and supported by an Industry Steering Group.
Sponsorship partners include Institute of Meat, The Worshipful Company of ButchersHybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales and industry consultant Viv Harvey.

Entrants must be able to carry out the following tasks and skills to a satisfactory level as a minimum:
• Good Knife Skills with a minimum of 6 months practical experience.
• Primary & Secondary Butchery including Seam butchery with a minimum of 6 months practical experience.
• Good tying & stringing skills
• Must be able to mix, make, fill out and link sausages using natural skins consistently
• Must be able to use an electric sausage filler & mincer machine safely
• Must be able to supply your own knifes, small cutting equipment
• Must be able to supply display trays, product labels, recipes and cooking instructions where required
• The ability to prepare ready to eat products for example: pies, pasties, terrines, sausage rolls (please note these are just examples and are not limited – see brief for more details)
• Must be able to produce innovative products
• The ability to prepare identical products
This competition focuses on all the essential skills required for a successful career as a multi-skilled/disciplined Butcher within the Food Manufacturing Industry.

What should you expect?
Find out more about what to expect at our Worldskills UK Gallery page:
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Who can enter?
Entrants do not have to hold any qualifications to enter, however you must not have completed higher than a level 4 in Food Manufacturing Excellence qualification or the equivalent to enter.

How many competitors can enter from each organisation?
We do not have a limit on how many competitors can enter from each organisation but if there is a large capacity entering from one organisation this may have to be reviewed.

To enter please register your interest on the WorldSkills UK Website
Registration will open 19th April