The environment
Headquartered in Mid Wales and operating throughout some of the most spectacular countryside and communities in Wales, we are acutely aware of the environment we live and work in.

As a company, we understand that everything and anything we do can have an impact on the environment. That is why we have developed a commitment and policy to minimise any such effect.

From energy consumption to recycling, we carefully and regularly consider every facet of the business, using the Green Dragon Environmental Standard as a benchmark.

This standard is a recognised Environmental Management System awarded to organisations in recognition of their actions in the understanding, monitoring and controlling of their impacts on the global environment.

This starts at our headquarters, Ty Cambrian, at Welshpool, Powys. While we need to consume energy to operate, from heating to lighting, through to powering our PCs and electronic equipment, we are attempting to minimise this.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy 2021

Sustainability Strategy 2022-25

How are we doing this?

• We have installed energy-saving lighting throughout the building to help reduce energy usage and emissions.

• We have installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building to produce energy. This is put back into the National Grid when our consumption is low or during weekends and evenings.

• We have installed LED lighting in our car park which not only reduces energy use and emissions but lowers light pollution.

• Our team have to travel the length and breadth of Wales, predominantly by car. We have always attempted to use low emission vehicles. In January 2018 we began investing in a new fleet of Toyota Yaris hybrid cars, one of the most energy-efficient on the market. We have invested in 12 such vehicles since the start of the year.

• Re-using stationery, folders and other items throughout the business. Just because it has been used once does not mean other staff cannot re-use it. This not only keeps costs down, but it also ensures unnecessary waste is minimised.

• If we are not using, we switch it off. Any electrical items and lighting are switched off when not in use.

• We recycle around 53 per cent of all waste produced at our headquarters. We want to recycle more, but at present local waste carriers are unable to deal with all our waste products. However, we are determined to increase what we can re-use or recycle.

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