New years resolutions to help your career in 2022

It’s 2022 and what better way to start the year than focusing on how to build your career.
Whether you are looking to upskill in your current role or take on a new challenge, why not set some resolutions to help you achieve your goals.

Update your CV
Keeping your CV up to date is a great way of recapping how far you have come and understanding gaps in your skill set, even if you’re not planning to apply for a new job keep your information current and use this as a tool to help you set goals.

Be healthier at work
Be mindful of the amount of time you might be sitting at a desk or perhaps the amount of time your spending on your feet – take that 5-minute break, drink more water and pack a healthy lunch. Change these small habits and you will feel more energized for your task ahead.

Give your workspace a make over
Perhaps paint a wall, move the desk around or just have a good clear out of all those old files you’ve been storing. Remove the clutter around you to help you focus on working.
Find a mentor
The right mentor can help you push your career forward. Find someone who has progressed in their career in the same way you would like to, ask them advise and set career goals with them – its easier to stay on track when you have someone by your side.

Create goals
Create yourself clear & achievable goals to help you reach your potential.
Perhaps look at your current skill set and establish any gaps, work on finding training to help your development in these areas.

Connect within your industry
Got a LinkedIn profile? – if not get one! If you have one take a look over it, give it a re-vamp just like your CV.
Start connecting to others within your chosen industry, sign up to blogs and podcasts so you understand current market trends and changes, make sure you are always one step ahead.

There are lots of ways to help your career in 2022, why not think about becoming an apprentice. You take on an apprenticeship within your current role, helping you to upskill and gain more experience or take your first step into your new career.

We have many roles across lots of sectors, take a look at our Job Vacancies page to learn more.
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