St David’s Day Cocktail: Battle of the Dragons Cocktail

St David's Day Cocktail

The Battle of the Dragons cocktail has been created by one of our experts here at Cambrian Training to mark the celebration of St David’s day. As you may know, cocktails sometimes thrive on the success of a good story and just like the classics, this cocktail brings together Welsh produce and those of colours red, green and white to depict the story of the Welsh flag. The method is laid out as if you would like to show off your artistic flair to your loved ones at home however you are free to assemble this cocktail in any way that you please!

25ml Midori
25ml Trulo Peach Melba
150ml Heartease Farm Apple & Rhubarb
Lime wedge to garnish

Tall Glass
Freezer Bag
Rolling Pin
Stirring Spoon
Knife and Chopping Board to cut garnish
Shot Glasses (if presenting)
Yellow Straw


  • Have your drinks poured into shot glasses ready to pour into the drink
  • Place the ice inside the freezer bag
  • Cut your lime garnish into a wedge


The story starts off with a Welsh king looking for a place to build his castle. He searched far and wide and eventually settled for a large hill covered in grass.

  1. Add the Midori to the glass

He got to work building his castle but even despite his hard work, the foundations just kept crumbling down which he wasn’t too pleased about.

  1. Crush the ice in the freezer bag with the rolling pin and add this to the glass. (Best to use the chopping board so that you don’t damage any surfaces!)

He kept trying until a small boy by the name of Merlin approached the king and told him why his foundations weren’t holding. He said that underneath the hill there were 2 dragons lying dormant next to a lake. As outrageous as this was, the king dug up the hill and found exactly what the little boy had said, 2 dragons; one red and one white.

  1. Pour the Trulo Peach Melba (clear to represent white) and half of the Apple and Rhubarb(representing red) into the glass.

All of a sudden, they awoke and started a long battle.

  1. Take the stirring spoon and mix the drink, being careful not to let it fizz up over the rim.

And after all blows had been dealt, the red dragon came out victorious.

  1. Pour the rest of the Apple and Rhubarb into the glass.
  2. Garnish with the wedge of lime and a yellow straw.


The techniques used in this recipe are taught to our apprentices through our apprenticeship programme. For more information on our apprenticeships click here or contact us at